Saturday, October 23, 2010


Some phases are so fun, while others we wish would pass quickly. This is a new one in our house--this frown face of disgust, disapproval and dismay when something doesn't go her way. If it weren't so annoying, I'd crack up every time I see it.

We're on a week-long vacation with our favorite cheeky little monkey. Headed to the beach on Monday-Wednesday with a sidetrip to an outdoor zoo on the way. We're off to our favorite salt-water kid pool hotel with the water slides. Delightful!


popo said...

If that is as bad as it gets...count your blessings Mama. Actually, I think it is pretty cute, but then I am the Popo and don't have to deal with it. Hee...hee...I love this job.

Mojo said...

A frown face at the beginning of a vacation? Weird.

Anonymous said...

But you wouldn't be happy if she did have some spirit even if it is a frown from time to time. Love Nie Nie