Saturday, October 02, 2010

Party Planning

A certain someone is turning 4 next Saturday, and although we have successfully avoided the kid birthday party thus far, this year there will be one. So, we sat down and planned out what she wants it to look like, and it was so cute to hear the ideas pour out of her. Her vision is something like this:

* Lots of Christmas lights and balloons that float to the ceiling for decorations
* We'll play, do some tricks, have a rhyming game and blow bubbles
* Kids can come in costume because Sojo will be wearing her dinosaur costume that day

As for the cake, I bought the most sinful Martha Stewart cupcake book at our book fair this week, and there are tons of cute cupcake ideas. Sojo and I went through it, looking at all the monster cupcakes and dinosaur cupcakes and everything else. Her final choice, adamantly so, was the Hannukah Sparkly Star of David cupcakes. Blue stars it is!

Today we made the invitations, which was great fun. The message she was writing herself was very involved and had to do with what kinds of presents she wanted the guests to bring ('no robots please--it can be a porcupine, but don't forget to bring a present!'). Good thing she can't write with any sense right now or she might appear a bit greedy!
Although we'll be missing my parents tons this year (first bday they will not be here for--sniff, sniff), this mini-event will hopefully go off without a hitch.


popo said...

Oh still my heart. Can't believe we are not going to be there this year. Breaks our ever lovin' hearts. This party sounds like the event of all events. What fun for all. And Hankkuh cupcakes? Well, why not...sound delicious and beautiful.

Big hugs and kisses to the birthday girl. Love, Popo and Gong Gong

popo said...

Too bad Gong Gong isn't there...he could wear his kilt. A Scot with his little dinosaur. She could be his Loch Ness Dinosaur. Wouldn't that be fun:)

Dear Librarian said...

Can we come?! Fun!!! ;D

Dear Librarian said...

Can we come!? Fun!!!