Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween was short and sweet. Since we live in an apartment building with only fellow teachers, we all meet on our common green space, mingle, take a group photo and then head off to trick or treat at the various apts. Sojo was so cute in her pumpkin outfit that we borrowed, and she only wanted to visit a few houses before taking off the costume and getting down to the eating part.
Also meet our newest carved Halloween fruit--Snotty the melon-o-lantern. Easy to carve and cute as can be, plus we got to eat tons of watermelon while making it.


Flora said...

Cool pumpkins!

I thought about carving a watermelon this year too, since pumpkins are outrageously expensive here in Singapore, but I forgot it was even Halloween. It's not a big deal here at all, unfortunately.


popo said...

Don't you just love holidays with kids. They bring out the best in everything in life. Happy Halloween. BTW...I love the melon-o-lantern.

Dyann said...

Those are fab jack-o-lanterns! Watermelon would smell much better, too! Pre-carved is actually excellent parenting, as it protects your child's innocent ears from the inevitable cursing that would have occurred during carving. :)