Friday, October 15, 2010

Chillin' at the Book Club

We have this great teacher book club at our housing complex. Once a month we get together, and it's super easy. You simply bring a book off your shelf, eat and drink and chat, and then we go around the room telling a bit about why the book we brought is so great. Hopefully, people leave with a new book to read until the next time we meet.

I've been hosting the last few times, and Sojo likes to be a part of the gathering for a few minutes. I can hardly contain my pride when she decides which book she will share with the ladies who attend. This month, it was her Wild Wonders book, and she explained to them that she likes it so much because it tells her all about animals and she can learn things. She then heads to bed, hopefully with the seeds of literacy and a love of books planted ever so firmly in her little psyche.

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popo said...

Aaah to be the child of a book lover librarian.