Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Bit of the Zoo & A lot of the Beach

We headed out to our favorite kid-friendly hotel just a short two hours from our house. Finding that this is our go-to spot for a number of reasons:

1. The kiddie pool is big enough to swim around in, but shallow enough to allow her some independence
2. The salt water pools are such relief to eczema-ridden skin. There is some serious softness where normally there is not.
3. The waterslides are just a blast. She graduated to the bigger ones this time, and it was such fun to watch her.

This time, we stopped off at the Open Zoo on the way since it is right off the highway. I was pretty impressed with it, considering we are living in a developing country. There were lots of opportunities to feed animals, and so we bought a big bag of vegetables and fed a giraffe, deer, elephant and even a rhino (still not sure the rhino was a good idea).
Now we still have a few more days of relaxing, watching the World Series and hanging out together.


popo said...

What is it about feeding an animal bigger than us that gives us pause and thrill all at the same time? I feel a giggle coming. So glad you captured these moments.

Amy said...

Hey Tara - that giraffe is freaking enormous! WOW! I also love the fb picture of the zoo sign. Cracked me up.

Tara, thanks for all your lovely comments on our blog. I feel just the same about reading yours. I feel so lucky to still be able to connect with you guys through this crazy medium I hadn't even heard of five years ago.

The love that you have for your daughter and husband is so pure and so lovely and it just shines through every photo you take and word that you type.

Amazing, amazing, amazing.