Friday, October 08, 2010


School picture proofs arrived in Sojo's backpack today, and I have a few questions:

Where on Earth is this new posing coming from?

What's with the hip-hop pose?

And the hand-on-the-hip pose?

Has this child been watching America's Next Top Model without me knowing?

I'm telling you, it was those accessories. They gave her some serious attitude.

Still chuckling every time I see these pictures. Priceless. For the record, she chose the entire outfit. Including the socks with shorts. Yikes.


popo said...

I think I may just "bust a gut" here laughing at this sweet cherub turned fashionista model. Be still my heart...this girl cracks me up. Can I have one of each? Looks like turning four is going to bring some changes. Watch out Mama and Baba.

Anonymous said...

I second PoPo's comments. Watch our Mama and Baba! Great times ahead! Nie Nie

Kimbra said...

LOVE the poses, LOVE the way they give you proofs like that! I would like a copy of the arms folded one!!! Stylin Sojo!
Mum is here now, she went to Suzhou on the weekend and keeps calling it Sojo!!!
Happy Birthday Gorgeous Soj
Mimi and the Fam!