Sunday, September 19, 2010


I recently read an amazing education book called A Place for Wonder by Georgia Heard and Jennifer McDonough. It left me completely inspired. The gist of the book is how children are naturally curious and wonderers and how we adults can embrace that curiosity and teach them how to find answers.

Sojo is ripe for this type of wondering right now. She is crazy curious and has a million questions, mostly about bones at this moment in time. What do the bones of dinosaurs look like? What about the animals that roar? What about fish? I can hardly keep up, but I love that I can go right to the computer and find a piranha skeleton (today's query) in 2 seconds flat. I've been collecting printed skeletons and bone books for a week or so waiting for the right time to make our wonder wall.

It rained all day today, so we took a chunk of time and cut out the various skeletons and even wrote the names on the bottom. I volunteered to help with this, but she wanted to give it a go (I did do the outlining of the bones lettering on top). I love, love, love that she wrote Pteranodon all over the picture with no concept at all that the letters actually have to go in some order. These literacy steps are precious to watch. My plan is to add to the bone wall over time and even put up some of her questions on the other side of the window.

Kinda makes me want to home school.


popo said...

Wow...that little one leaves me wondering. She is so darn sharp.

Yoli said...

Isn't it wondrous this age of discovery? My son loves skeletons as well, and my daughter, is fascinated with the stars and the planets.

Chrissy said...

I'm a big fan of Georgia Heard and LOVE this new book of hers! I have a skeleton of a dinosaur to show Sojo (it's Ben's) but we'd love to lend it to you to help build on the wonder!