Sunday, September 05, 2010

Toy Story 4

(just a random cute feet picture with no connection to the post)
Last weekend, we took Sojo to her first-ever movie theater experience. We saw Toy Story 3 in 3D, so her first time was a bit overwhelming with the 3D glasses and the 3D stuff coming out everywhere and the very loud volume. Wow-it was loud. But we loved it, and Sojo even shed a tear during one part.
Since the movie, the game du jour in our house is "Toy Story 4!" When Dale and I shout, "Adults are here!" she falls on the ground in the splayed position of the toys from the movie. Then Dale gets to be Andy, the boy who plays with her. She even came up with the name of the game, which is quite clever.
Smart moviemakers had good previews at Toy Story, so we are looking forward to our next movie theater experience in September when another 3D movie about a turtle comes out.


popo said...

First movie experiences are the best. So glad she enjoyed it.

Julie Coast Miller said...

I love the way you tell of how much joy you both get from raising your sweet Sojo. I wish all parents could experience what your family has; such strong love and such strong bonds. You are an inspiration to me and I have much more patience with all of the little munchkins in my life because of YOU!! You have quite the imaginative little monkey living with you.