Thursday, September 16, 2010

Separation & Ice Cream

Even after all these weeks, Sojo is still a bit sad when we leave in the mornings. One afternoon, when we returned home, she showed me this piece of paper she had made. She explained that it was her message that says, "I love mama and baba," and then asked me if I would help her put it on her wall. Our hearts melted when she said that her reason for doing so was that if she was feeling sad during the day, she could look at her paper to remember that she loved us. This new stage of expressing herself is so beautiful to watch.

And on a totally random note, living in Asia can be so surreal at times. Take our trip to the mall last weekend. As we were walking around, we heard a marching band. Yes, a marching band. We follow the sound and come upon this parade announcing the opening of a Cold Stone Creamery in the mall. Just the concept of a statue of liberty AND an Uncle Sam walking around Bangkok carrying cardboard ice cream cones blew us away. That being said, how psyched am I that my favorite ice cream shop on the planet is now a short bike ride away.


popo said...

That girl is so sweet. She knows how to tug on the heart strings. And, Cold Stone? must be in ice cream heaven girl. I can see you now. Makes me think of how you loved it as a small child. Do they have any non-dairy for Sojo?

Anonymous said...

/now you can use that gift card from awile back!
love the message! Nie Nie