Friday, September 24, 2010

Rolling Along

Rolling along here...busy but happy.

I love how this photo captured a moment in time. We had decided after dinner to do a quick grocery run, and Sojo volunteered to write the list for us. Each item was simply a straight red line on her paper, and she carried her red crayon in the grocery store to check things off her list (the list is still in her hand on the way home). Even though we passed the apples first in the store, we couldn't get them because cheese was first on the list. Riding home with the basket filled with a bit of yumminess for everyone and a slight cool breeze on our faces made me realize that sometimes I forget these small moments in life. A whole series of them makes for one amazing existence.


popo said...

She is a good shopper...making sure she has a list, checking each item off...being sure not to forget something because you go down the list...not all around it. What fun:)

Anonymous said...

I think she was trying to tell you to get red licorice

Anonymous said...

sounds and looks like great fun! Nie Nie