Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Normally, we hop on our bikes and cruise almost everywhere in our neighborhood. I love the ease of that, but I notice that if Sojo is trying to talk to me, I can't really carry on a conversation that way. There's a whole lot of me twisting around, asking her to repeat and sometimes even stopping the bike. So, when our friends moved on and left us their fabulous stroller, I started to take advantage of having wheels again and finding some time to take walks on the weekend.

A hotter means of travel, definitely, but the conversations we are having as we walk to Starbucks early in the morning are fantastic. Last weekend we talked about abbreviations (what does ISB, our school, mean? what is a vet?) and another time we had a big discussion about bones in the body. She's super curious right now, and I'm trying to answer her queries and find books in the library to match her curiosity. Horses and the human body are two biggies at the moment. Horses because her newest character is Harry the horse, and the body because we've been talking about full bladders of late as we transition out of diapers at night. And the prize at the end of that sweaty walk--a cinnamon roll for her and two big coffees for us.


popo said...

I remember that sidewalk and that Starbucks and oh, my goodness, I remember that sweet face.

Savvy Californa Sumbots said...

Was looking at your posts, love your posts. They are so interesting and the photos are great! What a lovely family!!! You look like you enjoy life! :~)