Monday, August 23, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Even though we had a lovely weekend up north, I am compelled to wait on that just to show the oh-so-adorable photos of Sojo's first day of official swimming lessons. We've been thinking that she needs the next step of swimming and a gentle push to really start to swim, and so we signed up and headed out this afternoon for our first lesson. There was some apprehension on everyone's part, but it was so much fun.

Her teacher was nothing short of gifted with these little ones, cracking them up and getting the kids to do all sorts of things. Dale and I sat on the sidelines filled with pride. Sojo was so good with her listening and following directions.
The prize at the end (actually more of a bribe to ease the apprehension at the beginning) was a bag of marshmallows. The most hilarious part was Sojo disrobing while in line to buy the marshmallows--I had to convince her to keep her suit on while we rode home eating marshmallows in the afternoon rain.


Anonymous said...

SWEET! Love Nie Nie

popo said...

Too cute! Can't wait to hear more about the lessons and your trip north.

popo said...

I keep coming back, looking for a new blog...knowing that the busy life of a working Mama keeps you from it. Yet, I am still amused and love seeing an old one again. I love that this little girl, who not so long ago would "freeze" when she saw a camera and not smile even for a treat, is now posing and smiling all the time. I love watching her emerge and grow and change. I know there is a story in each pose. It feels like I am watching a caterpillar all summer long moving from place to place and then emerging into a sweet, beautiful and new butterfly each and every day.