Sunday, August 15, 2010


We are taking advantage of the sunshine (even during the rainy season) by letting the light stream through the window and by moving our bed to be right under the window. I love looking up and out to see the trees and hear the birds, or sleeping at night during the fury of a tropical storm.

But it really doesn't matter where we put the bed, it's always a great place for Sojo to jump.
This girl has me captivated of late. I'm following her around with a camera, cajoling shots (jumping seems to be one she will always do) to somehow document how beautiful she is at this very moment. She's growing into herself so much, and I have these brief glimpses of what she will look like later in life. It is so beautiful to see.


popo said...

Oh that girl is a jumper. Embrace it all...wrap your arms around it. Before you know it...she is moving to foreign countries and having children of her own. But...that is bliss too.

Yoli said...

It is beautiful to see and I am in that phase myself with my 5 year old.

As always your little one is lovely.