Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Corner of Happiness

We've been rearranging things in our apartment these last few days, and this scene is what I look out at from our bed. It's a corner of the room chocked with simple things that bring me happiness. The straw hat that I would wear every day if that were appropriate as a teacher, my brown corduroy hat that I bought in New York city years ago and goes with me everywhere, my mint green chair that reminds me of my sweet grandmother and the Chinese jewelry cabinet that was a big splurge but worth every yuan. It is the single most organized piece of furniture I have ever seen--drawers made bracelet size and ring size and earring size and scarf size.

And, of course, the gorgeous girl in the chair brings me the most happiness. I still spend many of my minutes in awe of her spirit.

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Yoli said...

Gorgeous image and child. I love when everything a person owns has a history and a story behind it. I am never attached to my material possessions but what I do own has a history and makes it the more pleasurable.