Friday, August 27, 2010

Chiang Rai

It was so good to jet out of town last Friday night and arrive in northern Thailand, an area of the country marked with chocolate rivers and stunning rice paddies.
We were hoping for cooler weather, but it was the same heat there as here, just prettier surroundings. Our big adventure on Saturday was to visit a Yao minority tribe village, and it was a bit of a bust. The former anthropology major in me cannot resist these types of trips, but most of the time they are not very authentic in this day and age. We did meet this one woman who was the only one in the village in traditional clothing, and she let us into her very humble house. Very humble.
So we relaxed, saw a new city and loved traveling with a pajama-clad kid in the airport. Not much cuter than that.


Mojo and Caffee said...

Ah...Northern Thailand. Makes us want to go back. Nong Khai is next! You will not be disappointed.

popo said...

Always nice to see a bit of new culture and be humbled by what we see. Of course, a bit of whimsy in an airport with the pj clad sweetie is always icing on the cake.