Saturday, August 07, 2010

Back in the Saddle

We're settled back in to our life in Thailand, and thankfully all of us are over the jetlag, just in time for school to start on Monday.

It feels good to be back, but I still can't help but hang on to summer a bit.

Some Sojo memories from this summer...

1. It was the summer her legs grew, and she told anyone who wanted to listen, "Look how long my legs are!"

2. A few invisible friends came and went but the newest member of the brood was Harfey, a dog. Since Sojo's allergies prevent her from petting most dogs, Harfey became the perfect pet. He came with us to the farmer's market, and he even cuddled on Sojo's bed while she read him stories at night.

3. This was the summer that Sojo stopped holding things in her hands all the time. She did at the start of the summer, but I just realized the other day that she has stopped. Wild since it was a part of her life for so long.

4. Thankfully, her quirkiness only increased over the summer. Not sure what I'll do if she loses that. She often asked us to call her Mr. Bendy Legs, and this is her robot dance. Wait-I see this picture now and realize that she did wear binoculars all summer long, so that must have replaced the holding in her hand fixation. As you can see from this picture, even her outfits are quirky. Rather perfect for our funky little town.

5. Dale worked on our small backyard and made it look so beautiful. We got married under this arbor 5 years ago, and it fits perfectly in our yard as a lovely reminder.

And now it's time for me to move on from summer and start taking pictures in Bangkok again!


popo said...

And grow she did. I seemed to notice daily that she had grown some. How fun to have been there to see Mr. Bendy Legs and all her imaginary friends. There will never be another summer like this one...they are all different and wouldn't want to miss one of them.

Anonymous said...

Great having you home this summer. Pics are great reminders! Love Nie Nie

Lily Lang said...

Hey..lovely girl.