Thursday, July 08, 2010

Off the Grid

We're living off the technology grid whilst* here in Washington, which is slightly welcome after being so hyper-connected all year.

Here are the happenings of late:

A bit of yardwork. Who knew the kid would love to rake and hoe and dig? She keeps asking for more yardwork, that crazy thing.

A bit of family. I absolutely love bringing the table down into the trees and having dinner al fresco.

A bit of sweetness. Oh, this girl is growing up. We went to a concert on the lawn last Friday and I suddenly realized that she actually sat in her chair, ate her lunch and enjoyed the show. No running all around, no parents chasing. Just big girl appreciation of music.

*Smiling because I was able to work the lovely word 'whilst' into this post. I'm game for bringing this word into the US vernacular. It has such a nice sound to it.


Dyann said...

I'm in total agreement about whilst. :)

If you run out of yard work, Sojo is welcome here. :)

Anonymous said...

It is a joy to have you all here in Washington and to see Sojo and Baba enjoy working in the yard. Nie Nie

Mojo said...

I'll post since M & D are there. Good times, sis. Great pics. Wish we were there. Montana was great, in place of our WA trip. Similar weather but with thunderstorms. Love lots.