Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Luxury of Time

During the year, I utilize every millisecond of Sojo's nap to get things done or simply to sit and recharge my batteries.

In the summer, I love how the days open up for us with lots of time to do everything, even to let this cutie take her nap right on me. I did nothing but sit and soak up her sleepiness for an hour.

Note to self: find time to do this more during the year. Good for the heart.


Prita said...

I agree! This is why, despite all the books telling you NOT to, I still rock Kennedy every night in my glider chair. Sometimes she falls asleep, sometimes she doesn't. Either way, the snuggles are great!

Dyann said...

So cute! Definitely take advantage of this while Sojo is still small enough that she doesn't cut off your circulation! :)