Saturday, July 31, 2010

Danish Bites and Coming Home

Our section of town in the U.S. reminds me of a kindergarten community playmat. Here is the fire station and right next to it is the library, then the grocery store and the bakery on the next block. It's heaven to be able to walk most everywhere.

And walk we did, nearly every morning, to the neighborhood bakery in search of the Sojo's favorite treat, the danish bite. Small and yummy, it's the perfect size to be consumed on the walk back home. The last few days, we had to get two a day just because we knew we wouldn't get them for a while.

My favorite part of the danish bite summer obsession was the spontaneous art project on a random piece of wood one afternoon that Sojo named "Danish Bite." See the little red swoop of paint? That's the yumminess.
After a long plane ride, we are home in Bangkok, back among the palm trees and frangiapani. A certain someone was thrilled to be back in her purple dinosaur costume riding her scooter. Her parents were thrilled to be back in the land of amazing and affordable massages and had one less than 12 hours after arrival. Now that's a homecoming.


popo said...

Sorry we didn't get to see the artist painting while there. She must have done this after we left.

She is a hoot with that dinosaur costume. Sure was money well spent. No "one night" splurge on that one.

Aaah...a massage...that would be nice. Miss you...

Julie said...

Glad you all made it home safe and sound. Now to get busy with the next school year. I want to thank you for the wonderful sentimental card that I got in the mail today. It will get framed for my kitchen wall, how did you know I put random things on my walls where I spend a lot of my time? You are the best cousin and next year I will be in Seattle. I am saving my leave for that splurge at least!! Love you,

Anonymous said...

Remember the library and the view of the water and the mountain. How about the red door the light on the wood pile that we saw on our walks.

Thinking of you! Love! Nie Nie