Thursday, June 24, 2010


In the last few months, we've started to begin meals with going around the table and saying what we are thankful for. Besides being a great way to be conscious of our blessings, it is truly nice to hear what each person is thankful for that day. Sojo reminds us when we forget to do it, and sometimes she is deep while other times she's just a goofball. Goofball examples being "I'm thankful for...the ceiling, I'm thankful for...the fountain."

The other night, we had our last meal as a whole family, and Sojo was in a deep mood. She started us out with the thankfulness. "I'm thankful for...(insert the most perfect pregnant pause while looking around the table)...all of you."

Wise words from a sweet soul.


Yoli said...

What an amazing child, it got me choked up, I can imagine how you guys felt.

Julie said...

Tara and Dale,
You two are raising a most wonderful, love-filled child and the best is yet to come. The days will be oh so much sweeter when she has a little brother to love and you two will find more space in your hearts for another to love! Take care my sweet ones, Jules

popo said...

Be still my heart. I will always remember that evening together and the awesome wonder of a child who sees so clearly what life's blessings and love are all about.

Missing you all.