Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Duds

Depending on where we have lived overseas, there have been varying degrees of access to clothing. In China, we were lucky to have a children's market with tons of choices (but still nowhere near as cool as Target). In Cameroon, we had an open-air market with piles of secondhand clothes from western countries on sale for cheap. Picture an outside, bustling thrift store with goats and chickens. Many of these markets are referred to as Dead White Man's Markets, which still is one of my greatest life lessons from living in Africa. That continent can always be counted on to provide good perspective.

During our US summers, we are definitely consumers. We stock up on a year's worth of clothing, toiletries that are hard to find and special food items that make life a bit sweeter. What I love about not having easy access to clothing is that Sojo wears through her clothes in the way I remember from being a kid. Slightly highwater pants, stains everywhere but all coming from good, old-fashioned everyday play.
There's nothing like new duds to put a spring in your step. Add some funky hats that we all love, and it's even better.

*Sojo's carrying of items is becoming a bit like a "where's Waldo?" book. In this photo, it's a flute in one hand, but the somewhat hidden hand has a small can of shaving cream. But of course!


Bettina, Luca & Emilia said...

Hi Tara!
I've been working on our blog for the first time since our workshop at ISB today! :) I peeked in your blog quickly and wanted to say hi! Seems like you guys are having fun! We're loving every minute in Germany, too! Just missing Papa, who's pretty lonely back in Nichada.... Here is our site:
Have a great time with your family and stay healthy! Bettina

Yoli said...

I love her style!