Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Pre-child, Dale and I belonged to a gym near our apartment in Shanghai. But we knew that when Sojo came, getting ourselves to the gym would be hard. It was either take time away from her and go after school or drag ourselves to the gym one by one after she fell asleep. Instead, I bought a treadmill that has been worth every penny I spent. It's so much easier to drag myself down 7 steps to the treadmill after she crashes.
What we've slowly noticed about having exercise equipment in the house (and using it) is how Sojo pays attention to what we do. The healthy modeling we are doing makes her want to be a part of it, too. Recently, she wanted her own 'exercise bone' to do weights like we do. We gladly bought her a small weight to join in the fun. She can also do a pretty mean leg lunge. The bonus is that drawing an 'exercise bone' is a piece of cake.


popo said...

I need one of those exercise bones. Well...let's re-phrase that...I need to get my "exercise bone" out from under whatever it is I put it under. I had better get busy "modeling" or Sojo will think she has a lazy Popo. Looking forward to walking the streets of PT with her for good exercise and fun.

Dyann said...

Exercise bone! I love it!