Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Camping

I grew up camping. My childhood memories include big caravans of matching station wagons piled high with friends and gear, driving up and down the east coast during the summer. Of course, our CB radios were poised and ready to go in case we needed to talk to each other in our wagons. Dale grew up in a camping family as well, so it only makes sense to introduce Sojo to that cool world of dirt, family togetherness and campfires.
We've been talking up Sojo's first camping trip for a while now, and Arizona gladly obliged by providing us some very cold temps up on Mt. Lemmon. Some 'wuzbee' was played (frisbee), she was a stud on the short hike we took, and she used her 'camping hammer' to pound on everything we came upon, just to see what sound it would make. Way too many marshmallows were consumed, and it was fabulous to see her caked with dirt from head to toe at the end of it all. Hopefully the first of many camping memories.

I must say the coolest part was when Dale pulled out his guitar and Sojo requested a drum of some sort to play along. Not only one drum, but a 2nd one to make a different sound. One step closer to a future band member.


Yoli said...

What a lovely family. I can feel how much you embrace the earth.

Dyann said...

What fun! I still remember the kids' first camping trip so clearly. We're heading out to the wilderness next week. Wish we had a guitar (and player) to take with us! :)

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the weather for and your camping trips in the NW, It isn't camping weather today but part of yesterday was. Saturday was beautiful and warm. Nie Nie