Thursday, June 10, 2010

Disney, Tokyo Style to describe Disney in a simple blog post? Bullet points might be the only way to do it without going on and on.

1. Lots and lots and lots of people. I hear this is the case at all Disneys, but it was overwhelming to all of us. Only consolation is that Japanese people dress really funky, and so we had some great people-watching. Plus, I always find the experience of being a minority myself very enlightening.

2. We told her she could choose a present at one of the Disney shops that appear every 3 feet. Of all gazillion choices, she chose a flashlight. Not surprising as she currently loves all things shaped like a telescope.

3. When asked what her favorite ride was at Disney, Sojo had no answer. For her, it was all about the apple popsicles. They were yummy, but come on! What about It's a Small World?

4. Sojo ate her first churro as well. It was a little bit of heaven for her to lick all the sugar off of it. I will refrain from saying that we could have simply gone to South Tucson for a churro rather than flying to another country for one. Oops, I didn't refrain.

5. Once the gates opened, people were literally running to get in line. Day one, we thought this was ridiculous and unnecessary. Day two, we were going to get in that Pooh's Hunny Hunt ride if it killed us, so Dale hightailed it to the ride without us. Poor Dale wasn't allowed to get in line until we arrived, so the running was for nothing. Still loved the Pooh ride though.

6. The funniest part was the big parade. At first, we could only hear the songs and I thought I was hearing the words, 'easter bonnet,' over and over. That couldn't be because it's June. When the floats came closer, indeed it was a full-on Easter parade, complete with dancing and a huge HAPPY EASTER! at the end. Huh?!?

7. But . . . um . . . is it blasphemous if I didn't love Disney? I fear it does.


Kimbra said...

Sounds great guys, enjoy your summer and see you on FB

Dyann said...

This post made me smile and smile again. :) Sojo looks so incredibly grown-up (and cool!).
Personally, I think it's okay to not be in love with Disney. I'm in no rush to take the kids there....

Can't wait to read all about your stateside adventures!