Sunday, June 27, 2010

108 to 68

Whoa! The temperature change from Tucson to Washington was a big drop, but we found all our boxes of jean jackets and scarves and are settling right in. Our decision years ago to purchase a house we always come back to has been a solid and smart decision for our third culture kid. I'm amazed at how many memories she has in this house already--the toys she knew would be in her bedroom, different activities we did that she remembered from last year--all reinforcing that need for a global kid to have some permanent roots.

The first day we were here, all Sojo wanted to do was go to the beach. "I want to go so badly," was her plea. We obliged and took a quick walk to the shore to sit and throw rocks into the water. It was so relaxing that I could do that every single day.

The farmer's market on Saturday morning provided us with some flowers to spread around the house as well as a hoard of yummy carrots.

At one point yesterday, Sojo exclaimed, "I am so happy." When I asked her why, her answer was, "Because we are at the clock house." Love that she feels comfortable here.


popo said...

Thinking about those carrots and a little girl with a market basket.

Yoli said...

How sweet. It is good that she has a place she can call home. As a person who moved around a lot during her childhood, nothing was more comforting than returning to a place I'd call home.