Tuesday, May 04, 2010


For as long we have been together, Sojo has loved holding something in either one or both hands. As a small child, we remember uncurling her fingers at night and finding cheerios or a wadded piece of bread stuffed down in those chubby fingers. In talking with doctors, we were told that this was probably not the type of hoarding behavior sometimes found in children who lived in orphanages, mainly because she was only 7.5 months when we became a family. This would have been too young for her to have had to fight for food. But it is still a bit of a mystery, or perhaps just a quirky part of her personality to feel secure holding onto something.

Lately, the need for something in her hands has become more urgent in her mind. The backpack she often carries on her back is filled with little objects, and we can convince her to take something out of her hands if we promise to keep it in the backpack. Just a few days ago, she became completely fixated on whether or not the smushed green paper tube she had been holding was still in the backpack. She literally asked me every 30 seconds if it was still there. It went a little something like this:

Mama, is my tube still there?
Yes, it is.
(10 second wait)
Mama, is my tube still there?
Hasn't gone anywhere, sweets. Still there.
(10 second wait)
Mama, is my tube still there?

You get the picture. A bit like a Laurel and Hardy routine, actually. At Little Gym the other day, we held her things for her while she participated in the class. During the first 10 minutes or so, she would walk away from the activity over and over again to ask me if her things were still in the backpack. Here she is walking over to ask if we still had her things. It's a rather cute phase, albeit a bit repetitive.


popo said...

Good golly molly....I miss that girl. Her mama too. Hurry June..hurry.

Kimbra said...

Mimi is verging on OCD in this area FOR SURE!The night time rituals are the worst.Door needs to be at exactly a 39' angle, no toys, books, blankets left in 'wrong place', no water left in bedroom, certain light left on it bathroom 'NO, NOT THAT LIGHT, THE OTHER ONE', doona tucked in exactly right...
Ahhhh we love them so...
xx loving reading global nomads as always