Monday, May 24, 2010

Magazine Love

Summertime brings lots of magazine reading for me. I can't wait to hit our local library and stock up on a year's worth of my favorites.

A teacher garage sale provided me with some good ones to tide me over for the next few weeks. Convincing Sojo to sit and chill with me while I read Oprah was more challenging, but her Cars magazine kept her still long enough to take this photo.


popo said...

I can only imagine that this cars magazine "chill" was only for a very short time. She is a girl on the move with lots of things to do and places to go. will have a couple of grandparents to entertain her while you catch up.

Dyann said...

Have you discovered Babybug magazine? Both of our kids loved it, and they still remember a lot of the little poems and rhymes years later.

I love theis pic! It makes me want to paint the livingroom turquoise.... ;)

Yoli said...

What a beautiful image. Happy reading.