Sunday, May 02, 2010

Her Inner Girly Girl

Our resident dinosaur/princess hater/tomboy is showing some mild interest in wearing dresses these days. Lucky for us that we tend to get tons of hand-me-downs from other families here so she has a stock of cute dresses in different sizes that are just waiting to be worn when the urge hits her.

Adding to the channeling of her latent girly girl, we've been heading back to the beauty shop on Sundays for a quick change of toenail polish and a little girl time. They only charge $1.60 to add polish, she loves picking her color of the week, and it's the perfect, authentic way to give her some practice at sitting still for more than 2.2 seconds.
The green paper tube has a story behind it. Suffice it to say it is the newest of the "I must hold on to this all day long while I do everything" objects. It will appear again in tomorrow's post about our very first visit to Little Gym! What a blast that was!


Julie said...

Love the dress! It has all of the colors of my home office. The walls are periwinkle blue with touches of purple throughout to include dragonflies and flowers. She sure is a cutie! Keep the posting coming, it always is an uplifting part of my day, dear cousin.

popo said...

A cute dress again...the biggestsmiles, which makes my heart sing and red polish on her mind you. Can't wait for the summer and have matching toes with her. Can't wait to wiggle our toes in the sand together, run on the beach with the finger kites, read books and see that smile up close and personal. We love her as a dinosaur or girly girl.