Monday, May 03, 2010

Little Gym Rocks!

We popped in* to check out the Little Gym near us the other day because we have been hearing such great things about it. To get Sojo ready, I had been talking it up for a few days and it became known as the 'tumbly place.' Sunday was our free trial class, and it was nothing short of amazing. It was the most perfect activity for an active, risk-taking kid, and seemed almost like it was made just for Sojo. As parents, it was so cool to sit back and watch her in a new environment and see how she took it all in. She was such a great listener, took turns and was so brave. We've signed up for 4 Sundays until the end of school and then will start again when we return.

Some highlights:

Note to self: If you are asked to do a somersault and you don't know how, fake it by doing a twirly sideways thing and then grab your legs. Hilariously cute to see this improvisation.

Loved the balancing...such concentration!

Totally tuckered out.

Sojo loved it so much that she put on her new Little Gym shirt the minute we paid for the class. She even pleaded to wear it as pajamas to bed last night. After she fell asleep, Dale and I sat around talking about how proud we were of her. Funny how watching your child from afar is such an awe-inspiring way to spend an hour.

*Yet another cool place only a bike ride away--LOVE living without a car!


Anonymous said...

Great activity, loved the pics, looking forward to seeing all of you soon! Love Nie Nie

Anonymous said...

checked in on you guys. love the drsses! Sojo is a bit like Hailey; we did the tumbling thing and she loved it and was so good for her. i must tell you she is very adept with her family drawings...for someone as young as she is, she gets it!! we will miss you again this summer as we leave 5/27. maybe next year as we will try and stay in Az! love carol and dick

popo said...

Isn't parenting the best gig ever:) To watch a child explore the world is inspiring. It makes us realize the amazing potential given us at birth. To have parents who nurture and encourage this like you do is such a gift. No wonder this delightful child thrives. Can't wait to witness some of that soon...real soon.

Love, Popo and Gong Gong