Monday, May 31, 2010

Dale's Big Dream

Oh, what this baba wouldn't do to have his kid say she wants to play the drums? His Partridge family dream come true. She does look somewhat 70's ish with the pirate outfit on...

This is Dale's classroom, by the way. A Spanish teacher by trade, he also runs the middle school rock band. Great way to have all the music gear kept within arm's reach.

Things are back to normal in Thailand. Calmer heads prevail and the rainy season has finally started. Whew!


popo said...

Oh my goodness...can I see that Baba's smile right now. And who wouldn't...that smile of Sojo's would make anyone smile...but, esp. a Baba who loves music. Rock on, Sojo :)

Mojo said...

Rockon, Sojo. Wait, Mom already said that. Rockon, Mom.