Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chess Around the World

Years ago, when we first met and were navigating the waters of friendship and crushes, Dale and I were on a sailing trip in the Caribbean and wound up getting stuck in Curacao for a few days waiting on a flight back to Venezuela. That delightful, small country left a mark on us with its warm people and colorful architecture, and we'd love to go back one day. During our short time there, Dale purchased a chess board that has been our constant traveling companion ever since.In the Africa days, we played at least three games of chess every day after school on our rickety porch overlooking the mango trees. We used to keep tally marks on the outside of the board, but that got to be depressing because Dale beats me too often. It's faded and peeling and filled with amazing memories of hours spent over coffee together in various countries. There is a huge part of the two of us who love to travel simply to discover new places to drink coffee and play chess.
We don't play as much as we used to, but every now and then we sneak in a game or two on the weekend during a D & T brekkie.

One other chess thing we love is to find those huge chess games with pieces that are close to life-size. So far, we have played those in Curacao, Chile and Cameroon. Always on the lookout for more!


popo said...

I saw one of those life like sized ones recently and can't remember where...I thought of you for some reason when I saw it and now I know why.

Yoli said...

Lovely blog!