Friday, May 14, 2010

Bigger and Better Backpacks

We came home from school one day this week to find that the regular panda backpack that has been a staple of Sojo's wardrobe had been replaced by her Minnie Mouse travel backpack. This backpack is about half her body size, and she is now carrying it (mostly empty) everywhere she goes. It is beyond comical to watch her wandering around with it on.

Heading to the playground

On the see saw (that's her 'telescope' hanging on the side)

Short break with it only near us after she realized it really wouldn't fit on the swing

Size certainly didn't get in her way while using the potty. Still not sure how both items fit on the seat. Thank goodness for small cheeks.

In a totally unrelated story, it's rambutan season! These fruits are so freaky looking with their spiky-haired skins, like something off the trees in the Lorax, but they taste like a sweet, mild grape. A whole bag of them for less than a dollar!


popo said...

I love that girl....

Miss Sharon said...

So much to comment on ... love your chessboard ... REALLY love Sojo's backpack ... and I also think rambutans are funky and tasty. We've got our fingers and toes crossed that you guys get out of there safely for the summer and come back in the fall to find Bohdi ready to join the fam. xoxo Sharon