Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Behind the Times

Somehow we missed out on sidewalk chalk for a long time. I'm sure everyone knows the wonders of this, but we are just discovering it and loving every minute of the fun. And look at that fabulous capital E to the side of her! It goes on and on. I love how she first makes it look like a regular E, but then it's like she can't help herself and keeps adding more and more lines to it.

And poor Thailand. The sadness of the spiraling situation in Bangkok is weighing on us all these days. It's hard to explain the peacefulness and beauty of this country and just how shockingly sad it is to see it falling apart before our very eyes. For the last 9 weeks, we have not seen firsthand what is happening in our neck of the woods. Until today. This photo was taken from our apartment building. Although I love the stark white of our neighborhood mosque, the fires in the distance break my heart. And, unfortunately, this is nothing compared to what is happening in central Bangkok.


popo said...

I am so sorry about what is happening in Bangkok. I know how much you love the peacefulness that is the heart of this country. I know it will return, but the price will be high. Holding all of this sweet country close to our hearts in prayer...and also all of you.

Dyann said...

I'm thinking about you folks and hoping the violence and turmoil will end soon.

Anonymous said...

Martha called last night to ask about you since she was hearing about the violence on tv. Hopefully it will end soon.

What a neat picture of Sojo, I love her smile! Love Nie Nie

Amy said...

Hey Tara,

I kept this post up on my desktop for awhile just admiring the color of your living room walls. So cheery.

Thinking of you and other friends in Bangkok and hoping things can be resolved peacefully somehow.

Have a great summer - maybe I will send you a rhubarb care package. YUM!

Cathleen said...

When Madeleine first started writing her name, her E's looked just like Sojo's. I love the idea that those E's are so fun to make, it's hard to resist continuing way past 3 horizontal strokes!