Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sojo has always been a water child. I can't help but imagine that living in an orphanage with a bunch of other kids didn't allow for the luxury of a big ol' bath complete with splashing until she was a prune, but the minute she hit the water with us, she has never looked back. What I love most is her fearlessness. She experiments with motion, dives (or attempts to--more like a bellyflop) and will surely freak me out in future years with backflips and such. And because she has always wanted freedom in the water, she has always been opposed to water wings. Flat out refused to wear them.
Lately, she's changed her tune a bit. She wants to be around the big kids in the pool, chasing them around and being a part of the social scene a bit. Poor thing isn't tall enough to touch the bottom, so I have to be ferrying her around to get her close to her chasing victims. She doesn't like it one bit and is craving independence.
Enter the water wings for older kids, borrowed from a friend here. They float just enough to keep her on top of the water while still making her work a bit by figuring out how to tread water. Now we can all chill in the deep end and hang out. A bit of independence for us all.

*Anyone notice that Sojo is NOT holding something in both hands while jumping in the pool? That stage is still a big part of her life, but for some reason not as much in the pool anymore.

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popo said...

Funny...as I was still in bed when your Dad said there was a blog update with Sojo in the pool, my first thought was, "I wonder if she still always has something in her hand". She sure loves the water. What fun that you live some place where she can swim year round. Can't wait to see her swim again.