Friday, April 16, 2010

Dinosaur Claws

Back from the beach and soaking up the last few days of vacation. Our resident brontosaurus, Bronny as she likes to be called, was in dire need of some dino claws. Ok, maybe not dire need, but I thought it would be fun to go and get them painted nicely at the neighborhood salon. Sojo agreed and seemed to love it. She did mention right away that she didn't need a haircut as she doesn't like those at all. But putting on sparkly green polish--that she loved.

On our way out, someone stopped her to tell her she looked beautiful. She was seriously offended and huffed, "I'm not beautiful!" You see, that wasn't the purpose of this visit. It was just to have those claws look scary. But how can a perfect stranger be expected to know that?

Sorry though, Sweets! You are so incredibly beautiful. Glad the camera captured the essence of her beauty so nicely today.

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popo said...

Be still mly heart...that girl tickles my heart. She has such an amazing imagination and puts herself right in the middle of whatever it is. Bronny, you are simple ferocious and beautiful too. It is thost mighty green claws that make your ferocious and that smile that makes you beautiful.