Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Zen of Japan

Japan was such an interesting place. The concept of Zen minimalism was evident in how everyday items were arranged in their environment-everything appeared to be done with such care and intent. Tiny items abounded...it felt like the antithesis of Texas where everything is big--even the garbage cans in public toilets were merely the size of a lunchbox. Charming is the perfect word for Japan.

When I mentioned the requisite heated toilet seats to some, they balked at the weirdness of it, but it's near brilliant! Come on, cold winters would be much easier to bear with a heated toilet seat. Definitely a country I'd like to explore more...

Nagoya 2010 on PhotoPeach


Anonymous said...

The Steele's loved Japan from their comments too! I enjoy their heated toilet seat! Love Nie Nie

Laura said...

I had a heated toilet seat one year in Shanghai...it was lovely! I left it on practically year round, minus the sweaty months. When I changed apartments my bum was in for a rude awakening!