Friday, March 05, 2010

The Sleep Fairy

Almost three years into this parenting gig, and still sleep is our number one challenge.Let's just say a certain someone is still puttering about for hours after we put her to bed, and then not even sleeping through the night most times.

So, we were willing to try anything. Like even to invent a 'sleep fairy' who might come in the middle of the night looking for little girls who are sleeping nicely. And this sleep fairy might even be inclined to leave a small token of appreciation if the little girl is sleeping. Desperate times, my friends. Our evening time is so important to us. It appears it's important enough to have us move to bribery.

It's totally random reinforcement, but Sojo does like to see if the sleep fairy has visited in the night. When she does leave something, it's usually a matchbox car, which are always appreciated. Wish I could say it's worked like a charm, but it's only somewhat successful. I do laugh because sometimes she'll tell me she heard the sleep fairy outside her window, and then other times she'll tell me she is very, very tiny.

Tomorrow is the last afternoon nap day for this active sweetpea. This has to be the reason she is wide awake at 9 p.m. I'll find some way to keep her awake until the evening. Fingers crossed...

*I also can't wait until Sojo is older so we can tell her this story in our somewhat pathetic attempt to just get her to sleep! Makes me giggle even now.


popo said...

Maybe we should have tried the "sleep fairy" with your brother Matt. He rarely took a nap and was up at night until he was four. I knew he was coming down with something when I would find him "still" someplace. He is still a busy man. Maybe it is just their makeup. Though, I certainly understand the "fairy" and wish we had thought of it. We didn't need that with you and Sean...I had to wean you both off naps before Kindergarten. Don't you still just love to peak in and seeing a sleeping child:)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the sleep fairy and no afternoon nap will work for you!
I don't remember the girls or Dale staying up late or napping but that was probably because they were with the sitter and I was working. Love Nie Nie.

Ingrid said...

Oh how I relate to the things we do as parents to get that sleepy time working! I think we tried everything with Espen.....warm milk, chammomile tea, (no, ick!!)lyng in the bed wth him until we fell asleep and he was still pottering around us......;-)and BRIBERY! Now he wisely says, I'm just like that.....there was nothing you could have done! Not much consolation for you I know.......and yes, his siblings slept/sleep like logs! Go figure! Love your ideas though...and maybe one of them will just magically just never know with these little people!