Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reading at Starbucks

We have one sick baba for the last few days, so Sojo and I ventured out just the two of us this morning. My plan was to get a latte and have some quality reading time, and I suggested Sojo also bring a book with her to do the same. She chose the Wall-E book, I threw a 2nd one in the bike basket just in case, and off we went. One chocolate muffin later, only 1/4 of the way through my latte, she announces that she is ready to go home. Um...I don't think so. I gently told her we had agreed to come to Starbucks to read together and showed her the books. She decided on Wall-E because she could read it. And read it she did. Or at least retell it page by page while I tried to read my own book. Mostly, I was listening to everything she said.
Just a slice of what I hope will be many, many reading mornings together. My friend Jen has a 3rd grader, and the two of them now the same book once a month and then go to Starbucks for their own private book club. Love that!

*Most random choice of what to bring with us this morning was the head of the Halloween dinosaur costume. Not to wear, mind you, just to hold. Taking our new role of dinosaur very seriously. So much so that when I suggested I paint Sojo's toes blue like mine, she balked. Green only for those toes, I was told. For dinosaurs.


Prita said...

Oh this is too cute! I too hope Kennedy and I can be reading buddies at Starbucks.

Dyann said...

I love this. Love the little smile on your face, too, Tara. What a nice way to spend the morning.

popo said...

You both look like you are having a wonderful time. You, Mama, are beaming and look like you can barely hold in that joy.