Thursday, March 18, 2010


There are some days when our ground floor apartment feels dangerously close to living in a cave. Other days, the light streaming through the window is just pure beauty. Yesterday was one of those days. Having Sojo's play area right there by the window was our best design idea for this apartment.

And those braids. It's the only way she'll wear her hair nowadays. Her reasoning is she likes how the ends feel on her shoulders.

Recently on someone's blog, I read how nice it is not to crop every picture. There is an element of retaining the details around the edges. I love the details in this pic:

*pink purse hanging from the giraffe, which is now the scooter that gets her to pretend school.
*shoelace used for the horse's reins
*that stick thing on the bottom has been in our house for a week now, used as a broom or a tree, depending on what the activity is. it was a cactus just after this was taken.

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popo said...

I simply love her imagination and how you nurture and nourish it.