Thursday, March 25, 2010

Letter Love

Sojo is so aware right now of print in her environment. From the toilet paper holder in the pool bathroom that says ISB (for our school) to the number 6 on the escalator at the mall to using shoelaces to make the letters she know, print is it in our house! Again, I find myself fascinated by how organic the literacy process is. A little nourishment, lots of noticings, and gobs of books seem to do the trick for most kids.

Lucky us to have a 4-day weekend, and this was the scene early this morning over coffee. We recently bought a set of Duplos (Dyann, just like you said eons ago, these things ROCK!) and creating letters out of Duplos became the challenge. So much fun.
We were having so much fun chilling and letting the morning unfold that we were surprised when there was a knock on the door. The school bus was there for Sojo. Oops! A quick change of clothes and a hop on the bike got her there in time for the morning play. Dale and I were so happy to see the kids all running around and also have the chance to talk with the teachers and principal. I love that all of the teachers are right there as the kids have 30 minutes of play. We even got to come in after the bell, and I read a story for the kids. And now 3 and a half more days off. Delight!


popo said...

Enjoy your relaxation and having fun together.

Dyann said...

Yes, those duplos are fab. We only very recently arrived at the Lego stage, so the duplos served us well for many years. :)

And, well, you know how I feel about watching literacy emerge. Wow. Have fun! :)