Sunday, March 21, 2010

Down for the Count

If you're going to be ill, Bangkok is a good place to be. The hospital that I tend to wax on about is first-rate, and we have such trust in it. Dale was battling a pretty high fever for three days, which then turned into some major muscle and joint pain, so they admitted him for observation at Bumrungrad. He's doing just fine now, full of fluids and enjoying the posh hospital room. He's due to be discharged tomorrow at some point. Still no definitive answer as to why the high fever (they ruled out malaria, dengue and H1N1), but he's well again.

Sojo and I went down early this morning for a visit. It just so happens that my favorite latte and pastry shop is right in the hospital (I'm telling you they do the whole hospital experience so well here!), so we picked up some goodies and brought them to the room. We hung out for a while and then left him in peace to recuperate. Last I heard, he had just discovered movies on demand on the flat screen TV. I'm sure he'll be just fine, but we miss him like crazy.

Lastly, a photo of downtown Bangkok from the hospital window. The brown-roofed hotel in the bottom is the most gorgeous boutique hotel friends just told me about. I'm anxious to try their vegetarian menu, and maybe, just maybe, one day I'll participate in their four-day silent meditation retreat. Sounds like a wonderful challenge.


popo said...

What would we do without technology to keep us in touch. If I can't find you via email or Skype, there is always the blog. Good to know that Dale is on the mend. I think he just has one tough body that uses a fever to fight off some dreaded "bug". Sure looks like life is tough in that hospital. Latte, flat screen TV's with on demand movies and Sojo on his lap. They guy has it made. Give him a hug and tell him we are glad to see that smile.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear Dale is on the mend...nice to see that "muffin" infront of Sojo, about as big as she is!! how much of it did she eat? And the trubador article was great!! we loved listening to Dale when we were in Wa....thanks for all the sharings....xoxo Carol

Dyann said...

Dale rocks the hospital jammies like nobody's business! And I love Sojo's letter to him in the background. I'm glad health is returning to your family. :)