Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Protestors

We're working on a little backyard project and headed down to Chatuchak Market in search of the perfect bench to soak up the tropical foliage around us. Upon arrival, we quickly realized that it was a staging area for a big rally of the "redshirts" that have been protesting non-violently now for 2 weeks.
In true Thai style, the protestors were all waves and smiles as we stood on the overpass taking pictures. They are the happiest protestors I've ever witnessed--one guy is even doing the I Love You sign with his hand. Seriously, they look like they are en route to an Arizona Wildcat game rather than wanting to immediately dissolve the current government and have new elections!

More on the awesome backyard project tomorrow. Here's a sneak peek at the two hard workers.


popo said...

Such serious faces on your backyard workers? Just what is the plan? I see lots of dirt being dug up. I see creative minds at work.

Dyann said...

Can't wait to see the "after" picture! :)

Miss Sharon said...

I love all your family exploits, projects, games and togetherness! Have fun fixing up your garden, and I hope those protesters stay happy. :)

Anonymous said...

looks like they are ready to work! Where is the hammock in relationship to where the bench will be--across the walkway?

An example of how to do it without rocks and vandalism which is going on here now! Love Nie Nie