Monday, March 08, 2010


Who knew that being a robot is so last month...

After a few months of seriously taking on the role of a robot, that stage is finished. When I asked her if she wanted to wear her cool new robot shirt I bought her, I was told somewhat haughtily, "Mama, I am not a robot. I'm a brontosaurus!"

Brontosaurus (sauri?) roar really cool and look especially lovely with a new haircut.

*Adoption update: After many weeks of waiting for fingerprints, they came back but Dale's were marked 'erroneous.' Seems they were either taken wrong or in the wrong order, so that means a bit of back to the drawing board. Hoping we can cut to the front of the line since it's the 2nd time, but not sure. Upside is that we weren't sure we could go home this summer. Good news that we can be with family for a long summer vacation and be closer to adding to the brood when we return.


Mojo said...

So, didn't Dale question authority when they took prints of his fingernails, instead of his finger pads? Wrong order? That's crazy!

popo said...

I keep coming back to this blog and smiling at her imagination. What a talented one she is.

Anonymous said...

Oops still have Robot stuff for PT and to send! Love Nie Nie