Saturday, March 13, 2010

Feels Like Summer

The thing about living in the tropics is that it always feels like summer vacation is right around the corner. Mind you, this can be dangerous around October when you have many, many months left before June. But, for real this time, the hot season (really hot season compared to kinda hot season) is starting, which we know means that the real summer vacation is just a few months away.

Today we sat in the kiddie pool, soaking up the sun and talking about our summer plans. And they are such fun summer plans!

They go a little something like this:

*Bangkok to Tokyo Disney (breaking up the long trip this year--already thinking we are so clever for doing this)

*Disney to Arizona for a few weeks of fun in the desert

*A short trip across the border with my family to our favorite beach in Mexico

*Arizona to 5 weeks of chilling in our awesome eco-conscious town of Port Townsend.

Still three months away, but the planning makes it seem even closer.

How awesome are these purple flowers? I've begun noticing so much about the tropical seasons. We're heading into the full bloom season. Colors abound!


popo said...

Counting the days...can't wait to be a part of this summer you are planning and seeing this little smiling face as many days as possible.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to it. love Nie Nie