Sunday, March 14, 2010

Celebrating Independence

Sojo is becoming so independent, and it is beautiful to watch. A few days ago, she hopped up on the swing (that itself is pretty new!) and I got up to push her like I always do. I was quickly told, "It's ok, mama. I can do it myself." And what do you know? She did it all by herself, much like everything these days. Putting on pants, hopping onto the toilet, all sorts of cool important stuff.

While on the playground, she was climbing up a somewhat challenging ladder to get to the slide. I only turned my body to keep an eye on her and was told, "Mama, don't spy me!" Tried hard not to laugh there, but I do relish her independent nature.

A little movie of the big swing day. I love how she makes it seem like it's totally her choice that she is going so slowly. And her best friend Stella rubbing it in that she is 4 and can do it really well. Competitive even at a wee age.


popo said...

Just since we saw her in October when she turned three....she has grown and changed so much. Seemed that there were still small signs of a baby in her then...not anymore...the "big girl" has blossomed. How quickly they change. What a gift to be one who watches that little flower blossom.

Dyann said...

So funny! Why do kids love to rub seniority in other kids' faces like that? Sojo's reaction is perfect. :)