Saturday, March 06, 2010

Books and Rainbows

Our school had an international food fair today, and it was Sojo's first time ever eating shaved ice in a bowl. How have we missed that fab experience? I think it's because mostly it's sold on the street here, and my street food days are long over. No matter--she was in heaven eating this and declared it to be the yummiest food she's ever had. When Dale asked her what it tasted like, she said, "It tastes like a rainbow." Sounds like the seed of a poem.
Add a big helping of Chinese noodles and jiao zis (dumplings) and it was a great food day.
But before all that food fun, we had something new and exciting. Dale and I decided to try opening the school library once a month for parents and children. We love the idea of building community and Dale will do some guitar songs in future months. I ran a short story time for the littlest ones, and even though I was a bit nervous (they are so small and have the attention span of a cheerio), they were amazing and the whole experience was incredibly fun. Sojo helped me pick the two stories* and even came up and helped me sing the songs, of course adding an original of her own called "The Dinosaur."
I adore this picture. Sojo was my built-in laugh track during the story. She let loose and guffawed at all the funny parts, in her own way letting the other kids know it was time to laugh.

*The awesome stories were Bark, George! and Hooray for Fish. Both work really well with little ones on up to kinder or so.


Julie said...

Sounds like an awesome Saturday activity - it should grow into something that 'feels like a rainbow". Have fun livin' !!

popo said...

Love you the smiles and all that surrounds them.