Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bench Love

Here's a peek at our awesome bench found at the market this past weekend. A great fit, a funky color and just perfect for chillin' out and playing guitar. We are loving our new outdoor space. Even though we leave very early for school (6:30 and we are a 5 minute bike ride), we are each finding a quiet moment before school to sit and ponder a bit on said bench.

*That sweet child is now forever wearing that backpack during the day, and it's become a security blanket of sorts. Except that sometimes she just tells you she is wearing her 'pretend backpack' and what the contents are. I think that is on days when she feels too lazy to put on a real backpack and lug it around all day.

1 comment:

popo said...

I want a bench like that....I want to hold that sweetie Sojo on my lap. Soon...very soon...for the sweetie on my lap...not the bench.