Friday, March 26, 2010

Amantee With My Man

There is a place near us called Amantee that I have been wanting to visit for some time now. It's a restored teak house that is an Asian antiques showroom, a residence and a French cafe all in one. Dale and I headed just 15 minutes by taxi to this oasis in the middle of a random Thai neighborhood. Teak hardwood floors, an open air design, and as the Thais do so very well--every last detail of aesthetic was attended to. We ate the most perfectly proportioned meals (a small goat cheese quiche that you could tell they created the moment I ordered it) and soaked up the peacefulness of the place.
This aspect of utter peace and beauty in something like a house is what I adore about Thailand. Strangely enough, I find myself nostalgic for this country already, and I am not yet leaving. I simply am aware of what I love about it and what I will miss when we are no longer here. Watermelon juice, for one thing. All three of us drink it in copious amounts, and I know that forever I will associate that taste with this time in our lives.
See what I mean? A long blade of perfectly green grass in a drink is an example of those gorgeous details.

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popo said...

We must visit this charming place when we visit. Aaaah...I do miss watermelon juice.

And where is that sweet Sojo? Could she be visiting Popo? Oh, how I wish.