Thursday, February 18, 2010

Year of the Tiger

For the year of the tiger, we headed down to the same venue as last year to watch the lion dance. Maybe it was the heat (hot season is approaching), maybe it was the novelty worn off, or maybe it was the crowd of very small people, but we didn't stay long this year. It still was great watching Sojo wear her beautiful Chinese qi pao (same as last year!) and thinking of all our memories of living in China during this awesome time of the year. My heart always melts when she says, "I'm a Chinese girl." She has such pride in that.

Can you believe how big she is? Those french braids are the only style she wears lately. Can't take credit for the cuteness there--her nanny is awesome at putting them in everyday.

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popo said...

She has such a beautiful face and I love it when I see her pictures. Yet...those pictures you take of her from the back always make me want to follow her. Whether it is a picture of her toes or her nose, I love it. Guess that means she is beautiful coming or going, from head to toe and all around. Happy Chines New Year...Grrrrhhhh!