Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going to the Doctor, a.k.a. "The Screamfest"

We're not big on going to the doctor in this family. There's no real reason except that ailments usually work themselves out and we're not big on medication. But, Sojo...well, that's a different story.

The wee one came to us behind on many of her shots, so her first few visits were nothing but shot after shot in each of her chubby thighs. It didn't take long for her to associate the two, so she did nothing but scream at the top of her lungs the minute we walked into the office until the minute we walked out. I mean, every minute of the visit. Not fun at all. Thankfully, she wasn't sick very often at all.

Then we moved to Thailand and the hospital has the amazing tube slide and movie screen and coloring pages, so she was distracted enough that she was almost happy to meet her new pediatrician, Dr. Somyod. Smooth sailing for a while there, even on days she needed a shot.

Cut to last summer in our new town when she got a horribly high fever, and we had to rush her to the emergency room in the middle of the night. One rectal temperature later, and we are now right back to her paralyzing fear of anything related to doctors.

The normally tough-as-nails Sojo just falls apart and sobs, even when they just want her to step on the scale. The only thing that saved the day last week was the small playroom she discovered at the clinic. Mind you, this was post-screaming and running away and all that other fun stuff.

At least lizard got good treatment at the clinic. You can see in the photo that he is not crying during his exam.

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Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

What a cute smile though. And...a dress again. And poor Mr. Lizard...sitting on a stove burner?

She is a cutie ... no matter what.

Love this pic.